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Counter Terrorism

The counter terrorism training programs are highly professional, fast moving physically and mentally demanding CQC and HRU courses, designed to put the student through the stress, chaos and pressure when confronted with terrorists in a life or death hostage situation, such as a bus, train, airplane or building takeover, by special counter terror units, anti terrorism teams, intervention teams etc...

Israel is the only country in the world confronted with terrorism since the state of Israel exists and having to fight against terrorists on a daily basis. Our experience is the key from which our concept in counter terrorism warfare was developed. We train and advise special police units, military Special Forces and governmental bodies from all over the world.

We as Israelis know what the words war on terror really signify, as we have often mourned our loved ones after terror has struck.

We believe that there is good and evil in our world, and that good must prevail,
In order to combat terrorism you must know your enemy
Israel has developed over the years a concept unique in its approach concerning counter terror warfare.

This is not a game, they are not playing, and neither are we.
Our high caliber instructors are all issue of the Israel defense forces special counter terror units (army, navy, police, gendarmerie, secret intelligence services etc...) and speak several languages fluently.

We are proud to share our concept, combat experience and the lessons learned from real life situations, to train those who put their lives on the line every day fighting terror and saving innocent lives


The counter terrorism training programs are highly profesionnal, fast moving physically and ...

The close protection courses both basic and advanced, are tough reactive and comprehensive courses...

Krav maga is the state of Israel's National self defense system. Originally developed by the grand master.....

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