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Krav Maga

Krav maga is the state of Israel 's National self defense system.
Originally developed by the grand master Imi Lichtenfeld this hand to hand fighting system
Quickly proved itself on the battle fields of the Middle East , where Israel fought for its life.
As the Israeli Arab conflict evolved, so did Israel 's fighting concept, techniques and tactics
And of course so did Krav maga.

Krav maga has developed into a unique self defense fighting system taught and used
by the Israeli defense forces and all of its special units, tested in the battle fields and reexamined
After each and every encounter, Krav maga has never ceased to evolve.

Today Krav maga is taught not only to Israelis but to international police forces, military Special Forces

Body guards, private citizens, and governments all over the world, such as the French hostage rescue
and counter terror unit the GIGN the Los Angeles special weapons and tactics unit, and many others.

It is also recognized by professionals from all fields of state security and the private security sectors,
as a most effective no nonsense hand to hand fighting system.


The counter terrorism training programs are highly profesionnal, fast moving physically and ...

The close protection courses both basic and advanced, are tough reactive and comprehensive courses...

Krav maga is the state of Israel's National self defense system. Originally developed by the grand master.....

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