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About Baguera

Baguera-Israel is an Israeli company based in Israel and the united states,
Our expertise is in the field of counter terrorism.

Baguera's team of counter terror specialists, consultants and instructors are all issue of the most elite units of Israel's Defense forces and intelligence secret services, consulting and training private individuals and companies, police forces, governmental bodies, and the military armed forces in Israel and the world over.

Baguera has collaborated in the past with the French Hostage rescue and counter terror unit the GIGN, the French ministry of Defenses close protection unit the SPHP the French Close protection Groupe for the président of France the GSPR, we have trained advised and collaborated with Israel's most elite special forces, both military and police, such as the police covert operational counter terror unit the Yamas, the Israel Naval commandos counter terror teams and many other units across the globe.

Beneath is a partial list of some of our courses:
Close protection (VIP bodyguards) Counter Terrorism, Operational shooting, sky marshal training aviation security, hostage rescue and crisis management, Krav maga, special courses for Swat teams (special weapons and tactics) anti terrorism, CQC, Risk management for people who work in high risk zones, and many other courses concerning all fields of security.

Israel 's war on terror. We do not negotiate with terrorists we react swiftly accurately and decisively.

If you look at the map you will see that there is not one country on our globe that has not been struck by terrorists, innocent people and families lives all over the world have been destroyed in a heart beat by terrorists and criminals who plan and execute acts of extreme violence, mainly targeting innocent civilians in a bus, on a train or airplane in a building or simply walking in the street, what ever there reasons it can not be justified or accepted.
You don't just accept it you fight it, and eliminate it.


The counter terrorism training programs are highly profesionnal, fast moving physically and ...

The close protection courses both basic and advanced, are tough reactive and comprehensive courses...

Krav maga is the state of Israel's National self defense system. Originally developed by the grand master.....

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